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Website Analytics

As defined by the Official WAA, web analytics is the collection, measurement, reporting and analysis of web based data in order to understand and optimize website usage. There are two generally accepted categories of web analytics (and statistics); off-site and on-site. As its name denotes, off-site analytics and statistics includes the measurement, analysis and reporting of a website's potential audience (opportunity), share of voice (visibility), and buzz (comments) that is occuring on the Internet as a whole.

Site Analytics is the right tool at just the right time!

On-site analytics refers specifically to the web based measurement, analysis and reporting of specific data on a given website. This includes conversion elements (i.e. landing pages, exit pages, etc.) On-site analytics measures the web based performance of a website from a commercial perspective. When "web analytics" is used in a commercial context most people are refering to on-site web analytics.

Get separate statistic reports for each Alias and Subdomain assigned to your primary domain—simply add them as separate Site Analytics accounts.
Real time stats mean you'll stay in-the-know with data that updates instantaneously.
Conversion tracking helps you determine if your online marketing efforts are giving you the proper return on investment.
Export the data you capture to Microsoft Excel.
Get fast, easy access to your raw log files - and manipulate data for revealing results.
Choose from three graphing options: Bar, Area, and Line for at-a-glance conclusions.
Visit-path reporting tells you how customers navigate through your site.
Custom date ranges gives you down-to-the-minute answers.

Site Analytics gives you vital data about your visitors – data you can use to your advantage. More than 30 reports tell you everything from how many people visit and what paths they take through your site to where in the world they live. You can use this information to eliminate costly errors, focus your offerings, and target new customers with laser-like accuracy.

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